среда, 19 апреля 2017 г.

Task for 9 form

Write these tasks in your exercise-books for Monday
(use linking words, adverbs, adjectives)

Task 1
Write back an email to your friend (not less than 45 words) who has written to you and answer his/her 3 questions. This is a part of it:
·        When are you going to have your exams?
·        What exams have you chosen and why?
·        How do you prepare for the exams?

Task 2
A teen magazine has asked its readers to write an article (not less than 45 words) giving suggestions on how to avoid stress before exams. Use the plan to help you:
·        suggest the proper timetable
·        mention the healthy ways of keeping fit
·        suggest the proper diet

Task 3
Write a short email (not less than 45 words) to your pen friend about your dream job. Use the plan to help you:
·        what it is
·        why it’s your dream job
·        how it matches your personality type

Task 4
A friend of yours is not feeling very confident about the Internet safety. Write an email (not less than 45 words) with your advice and tips on the Internet Safety Rules saying how to use it. Use the plan:
·        personal contact information
·        information when you will be or are away from home
·        anything you don’t want others to share